3 Major Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Instead Of Representing Yourself

22 October 2019
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Have you recently been injured by something that was the fault of someone else? Are you finding it hard to go back to work but the insurance company is refusing to compensate you for your losses? Unfortunately, there are times when filing an insurance claim simply isn't enough to get the money that you need and deserve; sometimes you have to file an actual lawsuit for this to work. While you are technically legally able to file a lawsuit on your own behalf, it's really a better idea to hire a personal injury lawyer to take care of things for you. Some advantages of doing so include the following.


What is and is not relevant to the case at hand is something that has a precise legal definition. While something might or might not seem relevant to you, the law might have a differing opinion. You could file what you believe to be a well-thought-out claim with the court only for everything to be thrown out because you included some things that were unnecessary and didn't include things that are legally very important. A personal injury lawyer knows exactly what is and is not expected by the court system so your case is going to have the highest chances of success when they file on your behalf.


When you're not a personal injury lawyer, figuring out what to send and what not to send can take up a lot of time that you're already using on other things. As previously mentioned, even after all that time spent, the case could get thrown out because you forgot something seemingly minor. Instead of wasting your time in this manner, you can get on with your regular life while letting the lawyer and their staff deal with all of the paperwork on your behalf. You might still need to come in from time to time, especially if the case actually makes it to court, but it'll be much less time than if you had done everything yourself.


Many people are under the impression that a personal injury lawyer will charge them money to simply walk through the door but this just isn't the case. While some lawyers, such as patent attorneys, are going to want payment before they begin working, lawyers who work on personal injury cases are not in this category. They only get paid if your claim is successful and they get paid as a percentage of whatever settlement they get you. When the choice is $0 because you accidentally filed the paperwork or about 66% because the lawyer successfully filed paperwork on your behalf, the advantages of this route are clear.